Human Resource Management has never been this easy....

Welcome to the future with On-Demand HR Management. If you are looking to streamline your business while still supporting the key areas of HR, then our Hr services is just what you need.


LigoHR is designed to protect your business with integrated HR and safety resources that will help you work more efficiently as well as making your life a little easier.

You can choose a base subscription plan, opt to build on that, or even design your own tailored plan. However you decide to use the service, it is here to offer support and keep you compliant and on-task, whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 100 company. With HR expertise on-demand, you are stepping into a hassle-free future for your business.  

compliances & policies

employee relations

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Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Having the right Human Resource practice in place can help you avoid costly litigation and fines. LigoHR provides the resources and tools to help you stay compliant and not rely on the internet to get your HR updates.

  • Employment Lawsuit? Average R100 000 for employers with 500 employees.

  • FLSA Penalty for Not Paying Overtime? Fines up to R30 000 per violation

  • OSHA Penalty? Range from R70 000= R140 000 depending on type of violation

Got an HR Question? Answers By Experts.

 HR Advice to your human resource questions. Don't rely on the internet to answer your questions. Our certified HR Advisors stand ready to answer your questions with unlimited advice from experienced HRCI and SHRM certified experts.

Types of Questions Customers Ask HR On Call 

- How do I know I’m classifying independent contractors correctly?​

- What is required to properly terminate an employee?

- How do I increase my employee performance?

- Is our compensation in line with industry averages?